How do I sell my house in Sussex to Cash for Homes?

It’s actually quite simple. To get started, visit our home seller page and fill out the online form or just call us directly at 1-480-577-9234. We’ll discuss your situation and research your property. We can usually give you an offer within 24 hours or will arrange an appointment to view the property and give you an offer soon afterward. There are no realtor fees at all or repairs to be made – we can buy your house in directly “as is”. That’s the magic of selling your house DIRECT.

What if there are problems with the property?

It doesn’t matter. If the property is in deteriorating condition from neglect or just old age, if there is fire damage, if the roof leaks, the foundation is cracked, the termites are having a big party or the tenants trashed it — we can still buy your house. Contact us with the details and let us make you a free offer. Don’t give up too soon!

What if I’m facing a foreclosure or my mortgage is upside down?

First off, please know that you’re not alone. We have helped many people with troubled mortgages, and we’re confident we can do the same for you. We’ll look at your situation and determine the different options that you have. If you have equity in the house, then a quick sale for cash to avoid a foreclosure may be the best option. If your mortgage is upside down, then we can work with you on a short sale as a different strategy to stop foreclosure and help you move on.

Do I have to accept your offer if I contact you about my house?

Of course not. We will present to you our cash offer, but it is entirely your decision whether you choose to accept it or not. If you don’t, then we will try to connect you with someone else who can help you with your house.

How are you different from realtors?

We are professional real estate investors, not realtors. There is a key difference in the world of real estate. Realtors represent the interests of other parties. Instead, we actually want to buy your house ourselves! Because we want to buy your house in directly and can come without agent representation, we can save you up to 6% in commission fees — tens of thousands of dollars back in your pocket! If you already have a valid listing agreement with a realtor, no problem — we can work with your agent as well, all part one big helpful team.

I’m a licensed realtor. Can we work together?

Absolutely! Unlike other investors, we LOVE to work together with realtors and brokers! In fact, investors and realtors SHOULD be working together and there are many ways to do so. We can help with any difficult listings you have or with homeowners who need our services. Please visit our agent page or contact us directly. We’re waiting to hear from you!

I know other properties you may want to buy. Would you be interested?

Yes! We are more than happy to have a look at other properties that may fit our buying criteria. Do you know someone who needs to sell their house in quickly? Do you know about a vacant or distressed property in your neighborhood? Contact us for specific details.

Is my information confidential?

All communication between you and Cash for Homes is in the strictest of confidence. We understand that your reasons for selling your house may be very personal and we will honor and protect that. If you are coming to us instead as a buyer or investor, you will be given the same level of strict confidentiality. 100% confidentiality throughout.